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We've detected an alternate dimension on top of our own. It's environment is lush, resource-rich, and disturbingly blocky. Your mobile phone has been upgraded to detect and gather resources from this strange new place. Explore your neighborhood to discover and gather materials, fight animals, build sites, and find hidden loot. Team up with friends and construct a monument to your greatness for other players to behold- or beseige!

craftAR preview

Travel your neighborhood for available supplies such as wood, clay, or sand. Once you've found a resource, walk around to gather it. Keep exploring and you may find precious gems, rare items, or a chest of goodies!


Combine the materials you've gathered to create better tools and weapons. Use these to harvest new resources like stone and leather from animals. Arm yourself well before venturing out at night. There are rumors of monsters in the dark ...


Build sites allow you to create a structure with your own materials. Customize your building's features and appearance to show your style ... or craft some explosives and blow up what you build just to watch it burn!


While exploring you'll encounter other players in your area. Will you work with them to create huge structures? Or attempt to destroy and loot their bases to battle against them for dominance?


character on game map


The player moves around the world map by walking in the real world. Animals, resources, and special loot can appear on the map.

character on game map


Some areas will have native materials that you can gather by walking around. Certain locations may have several types of materials available.

combining gathered materials to craft an axe


Combine materials you collect using the crafting table grid. Experiment to discover new tools, weapons, and materials for building.

using a new axe to hunt a pig found in a field


You'll see sheep, pigs, cows, and more on your travels. Click the beasts you see on your map to attempt to hunt them down! Hey, leather has to come from somewhere.

character on game map


At night there is a chance to run into many scary monsters. These high stakes encounters include a health bar, so don't attempt them until you have some gear! Losing the battle can cost you.